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UNIOPTICA always has the latest collections from all the leading eyewear designers. Please come and try them on in the shop!
The designers include Lindberg, Pro Design, Mikli and of course Tom Ford.

LINDBERG are easy and comfortable glasses made of titanium and acetate are designed with comfort and adaptability in mind.
Alain Mikli
Alain Mikli is widely regarded as the finest eyewear designer in the world. Alain Mikli frames are innovative, bold, exciting, sometimes retro, sometimes futuristic, always beautifully made. They feel ...
ProDesign was originally founded in 1973 but ProDesign today is a completely different company compared to back then.
Tom Ford
This original collection of glasses reflecting the luxury and minimalism, the designer is known for. Tom Ford Eyewear collection is handmade by Maricolin in Italy.
Contact lenses in Spain
Try your contact lenses for free with UNIOPTICA. You will get complete guidance and instruction in the handling of the lenses.
With UNIOPTICA you always have a wide selection to choose from both regarding the contact lenses and the accessories. Please step into the shop to hear more about what we can offer - and hear about our low prices.